Welcome to AGORA Platform!

About Us   

Agora is a platform that creates visibility and linkage & access to Ethiopian agriculture products that is produced sustainably at globally competitive prices. Agora is a platform that offers an efficient, transparent and thin layered model to make an impact and empower our producers to unlock their full potential.                          

At Agora we work directly with our customers and producers for the benefit of all. We work to build relationships based on earned trust. We follow immutable data recording of the producers and the origin and route of the products in full transparency to all supply chain players. We shorten the supply chain to create efficiencies for both sides for the commodity trade. We bring producers out of anonymity and facilitate access to their produce. We create higher income, we promote sustainable practices and reward gender balanced approach.                  

We combine our expertise and experience to create an innovative platform:                  

Fully digitizing the supply chain from smallholder farmer to end buyer                   

Value creation from cost efficiencies and risk mitigation on both sides.                    

Responsible and sustainable sourcing for better impact.                    

Impact verification and tracking to record actual benefit to our producers.                   


Mission & Vision          


Our goal is to impact 25,000 smallholders across Ethiopia until 2025.  Agora’s aim is to be a sustainable global  linkage platform and supplier of commodity at a competitive price.  Promising quality without compromise by processing only the very best harvest. With a strong customer service ethic that will support the fantastic producers behind the fantastic products. Making commodity trade more efficient, more transparent and less risky for both sides of the trade.